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Conoce nuestras delicatessen

When it comes to make wines are our delicious delicatessen exalting the scent and flavor, being necessary to make this practice part of a special situation. At Meson Restaurante La Fresquera we offer a wide variety of products that allow your table, simple dishes that accentuate your celebration.

Recommended delicatessen

Bloc of duck foie-gras 145grs 21.00 €
Bloc of goose foie-gras with truffles 145grs 23.00 €
Bloc of goose foie-gras with truffles 200grs 26.00 €
Venison pâté with truffles (al Armagnac) 9.90 €
Royal crab from Kamchatka pata 100% 30.00 €
Fresh grilled duck foie (speciality) 19.90 €
Red tuna tartar 19.90 €
Galician lobster S.M
Tuna tartar with caviar "OSETRA" Zar Imperial 30 grams 70.00 €